01. Firemen say the [blaze] that destroyed the school started in the furnace room.
02. We built a [blazing] fire on the beach and cooked our supper over it.
03. A brilliant sunset [blazed] in the evening sky.
04. The wreckage of the car [blazed] as firemen fought to rescue a passenger trapped in the back seat.
05. Over forty people have lost their homes following a [blaze] which destroyed an entire apartment building.
06. Her paintings are a [blaze] of bright colors.
07. The cat's eyes [blazed] yellow in the gleam of my flashlight.
08. The bank robbers ran out of the bank with their guns [blazing] in their hands.
09. The ship's cannons were [blazing] as the enemy drew closer.
10. The old woman's eyes were [blazing] with excitement at the sight of her grandchildren.
11. The forest fire was already burning fiercely when fire crews arrived to battle the [blaze].
12. Witnesses reported seeing a sudden [blaze] of light before the plane crashed.
13. The firefighters were praised for their heroic efforts in saving everyone in the [blaze] that destroyed a local elementary school.
14. The fire marshal is investigating a suspicious [blaze] which destroyed a church over the weekend.
15. A dozen prisoners escaped from jail when a fire started, and all the doors were unlocked to let firemen fight the [blaze].
16. The new recruits were sent on a five hour march with full gear in the [blazing] sun.
17. By the time the firemen arrived, the [blaze] was raging through the building.
18. The rocket flew across the sky in a [blaze] of fiery light.
19. Firemen tackled a major [blaze] at a fireworks factory over the weekend.
20. The shooting star left a shining trail as it [blazed] across the midnight sky.
21. We could see the lights [blazing] in the windows of the cabin as we walked across the snow.
22. We hiked along the beach in the [blazing] sun for over four hours.
23. Rioters were setting cars [ablaze] and breaking shop windows.
24. The Christmas tree was [ablaze] with strings of lights of every color.
25. The morning sun set the sky [ablaze].
26. Felix Adler once noted that the hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up [blazing] torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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